This House Could Be The Most Luxurious Glasshouse In Australia

In ancient times, luxury homes synonymous with large size with tall and thick walls. However, in this modern era, a touch of modern and futuristic style with glass is an attraction that is more attractive to many people, especially for those who want a luxurious home with a peaceful and comfortable impression. One of the luxurious glasshouses is a house on a cliff in Victoria, Australia. Hassel Studio Architects designed a wooden house combined with wood on the beach in Victoria, Australia. This studio integrates a building with a large enough scale to the beach environment as its panorama, and each room is separated by luxurious sliding doors. This glasshouse has a cantilever that protrudes toward the sea like a floating object. Apart from that, if you also want to have a luxurious glass door in your house, perhaps you need to hire the best experts of aluminium doors perth .

Most of these glasshouses are almost two meters below the surface of the land, but some others are above ground level along the coast and sea. The glasshouse is divided into three main areas: every homeowner would want to spoil his family and relatives. This glasshouse was created with sufficient spatial planning to meet these needs because there is a room equipped with a sofa and fireplace facing directly to the ocean. Sliding doors with minimalist frames are presented to open up space to the exterior area, creating a tropical feel in this glasshouse yard.