How To Polish Cars And Auto Detailing For Optimal Results

Polishing a car requires adequate training for its human resources, besides, it must also be supported by standardized equipment and materials so that the car is not getting dull. Usually, people will go to the garage to polish their cars to be better and better maintained. If you want to get satisfying results for car detailing and optimal maintenance, try mobile detailing orlando.

To polish areas that have many contours, you are advised to tilt the polishing machine more when using it. It was intended that the machine can enter more and fill every space in the terrain. In order not to stop the rotation when meeting with uneven contours, the engine speed must be increased.

Polish drugs are also a factor in car detailing. Do not be tempted by affordable prices, ensure the authenticity of these products and recommendations from your friends. Remember, the mistake of polishing will leave patches shaped like a hologram on car paint.

The type and size of foam pad for the panel that touches also needs to be considered. For a wide panel surface size, then use a large foam pad, as well as for medium to small-sized panels, then adjust the use of the foam pad to follow the surface of the panel.

For flat surfaces or minimal contours, the polishing method must be completely straight. It is intended that the polishing process can be more evenly distributed.

How to polish the right car
Here are some tips on how to polish a car to make it more perfect detailing:

First of all before polishing, first clean the entire outside of the car by using special car shampoo. It was intended to remove and remove residues, contaminants and others.

The next tip, mark the vehicle body that requires special care, such as fine berets, dull paint colours, and so on. It is intended that the use of degreaser and other polishing drugs can be applied appropriately. Also pay attention to SOPs and car detailing channels, especially for those of you who are franchising. Follow the staging/polishing process according to the procedure. And if you need improvisation, it should be improved first, of course, with qualified polishing equipment.

Try the polishing machine you use has a more stable and minimal vibration to make it easier. Because several other types of polishing machines have strong vibrations and heavier loads making it difficult for the polishing work.

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