A Car Modification Can Be A Risk For The Car Warranty

Modification of the rim has become a common thing done by car owners for a different appearance from the others. The option to change the rim is usually one of the most frequent and easy alternatives to boost a standard appearance because it has direct visual effects. However, many also do not understand that replacing the standard rim is at risk. Including the cancellation of the official Toyota warranty. When it happens, perhaps you need an extended car warranty service.

Each launch of a new car model on the market also triggered a variety of alternative choices aftermarket rims. In addition to offering a variety of designs, dimensions also vary that allows consumers to choose freely as they wish.

Unfortunately, not a few consumers who lack understanding about changing the rim. Though the activity of replacing the rim is already in the realm of modification which is not recommended by the manufacturer because its durability and safety factors cannot be guaranteed.

Apparently, replacing the rim with dimensions that are not according to the standard can cause some changes to the standardization of the vehicle.