You Must Know This When You Make A Blog As An Affiliate Marketing Platform

Promoting affiliate products is one way to monetize blogs that I recommended before. The reason is that the commission is large and the process is not difficult. Promoting affiliate products on a blog is as easy as creating new content. For those of you who want to understand more about how to, you can continue reading this article. Meanwhile, if you wish to find out more about an excellent affiliate marketing software, we recommend you to read clickfunnels reviews 2019 too.

Making a blog as an affiliate marketing platform means that you will promote various products on your blog. If you are wrong in doing this promotion, your loyal readers might run away.

Even though I said it was easy, many bloggers didn’t have the right mindset to become an affiliate marketer. Therefore, follow the following concepts.

Connect with readers

The more visitors you trust in you, the higher their chances of buying the product you are promoting. So it’s important to establish good relationships and build trust between blog owners and readers.

Build traffic first

It’s good if your blog already has a permanent visitor first before starting to monetize with any technique, including affiliate marketing. Imagine if in the first article you had directly promoted a product, people who have just visited your website will not be comfortable.

Promote products that are indeed good

No matter how hard you try to promote the product, if the product itself is not good then no one will buy. Don’t be tempted by the percentage of commission offered by affiliate products. Make sure the quality is good and the people who use the product are satisfied. Even better if the product you are promoting is already or you are using.

Don’t overdo it

Many blogs that I see like this. Every blog article is created to promote a product. Moreover, the blog intentionally made just to put an affiliate link. As a result, your visitors will not benefit from your blog.

Products that are relevant to the blog

It’s useless if your blog is about guitars but you are promoting fitness products. Where does anyone want to buy? Promote products that are in the same category. For example, if your blog is about a WordPress tutorial, promote the WordPress plugin.

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