Facts About Toilets That We Don’t Know

When asked about the fact of toilets, maybe the average answer is the dirtiest place in the world. Otherwise, a place inhabited by many spirits. Yes, that fact is not wrong, but the toilets aren’t just about these two things. Therefore we should not underestimate the cleaning services jobs that clean the toilets every day at the office. Without them, we might be lazy to go to the toilet even though we can not stand holding pee. There are so many surprising things that we might not know from this one room.

1. Toilets Are the Dirtiest Places in the World? Sure? Toilets are always closely connected with negative connotations, especially those related to dirty and disgusting things. It is true, considering a toilet is a place whose function is to dispose of our daily needs. However, saying the toilet is the dirtiest place in the world seems to be revised.

Believe it or not, even though it’s a place to get rid of poop, the toilet isn’t dirty at all. Especially when compared with common objects in the room. Starting from the door handle, computer keyboard, until the smartphone screen.

Familiar objects that are in the ‘clean’ place contain even more bacteria. Even the comparison is very extreme. One toilet bacterium is 200 times that of the objects. Yes, right now you are probably holding something dirtier than a toilet seat.

2. Water Crisis Can Be Caused by Toilets A prolonged dry season like now is indeed troublesome. Yup, what else is the problem if it’s not drought and lack of water. Well, believe it or not, the water crisis like now is not only caused by climate or season. We also need to blame toilets because, in fact, they can cause humans to lack a lot of water supply.

It is known, once we press the flush button or flush at least 6 liters of water that comes out. Of course, when we stay there may be 5-6 even ten times flush. Just multiply how much water is wasted. Then what if we go to the toilet up to 2-3 times a day? Then multiply a week, multiply again a month, then multiply again with many people using the toilet. Therefore, the discourse on saving toilet water is very important. Because of this fact it’s no longer impossible if the toilet can indeed make us water crisis.

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